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 Infinite Games Rules

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PostSubject: Infinite Games Rules   Wed Mar 27, 2013 8:13 pm

These rules are here to protect users and the site of its enjoyment and safety
if a user does break a rule once they will receive a warning if they do it again they will be banned

1. NO Pornographic content aloud on this site.
2.No spam or illegal content.
3.You may post your website on a thread if it has any content that effect the rules it will be removed and you will receive a warning.
4. Advertising must go on the Advertiseing Categories of the forum page.
5.No harsh or crude language (this is to a point ) you are aloud to use your own language. Ex: Spanish Espanol.
6.Trolling and Rudeness will not be tollerated to any member or guest.
Also theres one thing i dislike seeing people hurt others for there own amusement NOT ALOUD
people have feelings try to have common sense.
7. NO COPING OR POSTING SOMEONE ELSES CODES!!!!!!!  (unless you have permission from the creator)
8. Do not disrespect any Administrator or moderator if you have any problems with them please report it to me ASAP.

9. For the RP Forums please be polite and respectful to others characters and posts.

More rules will be added soon.
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Infinite Games Rules

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